Aurelia Salon Spa | All-Natural Organic Products

Aurelia Salon Spa | All-Natural Organic Products

At Aurelia, we use all-natural, organic products. We believe in providing organic hair care for complete health; the health of our clients, our stylists who work with these products, and the health of the environment. What you put on your skin, what you breathe, and what washes down the drain into our water supply is important to us. Using organic hair care products brings us all one step closer to balancing nature in our everyday lives.

Eufora™ Color:

Eufora’s low and no ammonia hair color line uses the newest technology as well as the latest botanicals to ensure a safe, long-lasting and vibrant color experience.

These products have been for the purity of their ingredients (making them extremely hypo-allergenic) and the responsible methods in which their ingredients are sourced. The packaging of these products is recyclable. 

Our stylists will recommend which of these products are right for your hair. Call to speak with a stylist today: (301) 926-7897.

Aurelia Salon Spa | All-Natural Organic Products

Surface | Hair Health Art

Surface is high performance, salon-exclusive hair care that respects personal health and the earth. All natural products that respect the surface of our earth.

Aurelia Salon Spa | All-Natural Organic Products

Retail Styling Products

Aurelia salon as an assortment of retail products that can be purchased before leaving the Salon.  All Natural candles, assortment of Curling Irons, Brushes, and other home care tools are available. We only sell what we use!

Aurelia Salon Spa | All-Natural Organic Products

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